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Meet your match with proactive dating.  
If your time and energy is limited; how will you find time to seek, screen and create a healthy relationship? As a desirable single person consider proactive dating. Love happens, Patti Lafond Miller, CMM

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As a Matchmaker, I often hear single people share with me how they believe and hope that "Mr. or Ms. Right" will walk into their life when it is meant to be. This conversation is followed with a wonderment of why it is taking so long to find someone. In their mind the fix is to meet more people. But the truth is, in the dating world how does one meet more people and more challenging how do those people know who is looking to meet you? 

Proactive dating:
What if a friend helped you sort out the casual daters from the relationship-minded singles? And because this friend cares about you and believes that there is someone compatible for you, you trust this friend.

And how wonderful would it be if this friend took those thoughts and turned them into action; seeking and screening out the desirable types for you. Personally screening each candidate and sharing with them your wonderful qualities. And finally introducing you to that person. This friend is your Matchmaker.

Consider proactive dating.
I've been matchmaking professionally since 2007. My favorite conversation is Love, I love love and I am here to help you find love.

Believe in love,

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